Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our 15 Minutes of Fame!

John and I recently had the privilege of appearing in Oakland Baptist Church's monthly newsletter! We had a full page spread- which I like to jokingly call our "15 minutes of fame". As a result of the article any church members have expressed interest in financially supporting our ministry! YAY!

 "Why do you want to do Greek Ministry?" is a question that we get asked a lot! I've posted the article below to help explain why it's so important to tell sorority and fraternity students about Jesus! 

Connecting College Students to Christ

John O’Neal (son of Lee and Melanie O’Neal) and his new wife, Kelsey, have just entered the mission field as missionaries with Cru, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ.  The newlyweds will be returning to their alma mater, the University of South Carolina, to tell college students about the good news of Jesus Christ. John and Kelsey will be working specifically with, “Greek Impact”, a ministry of Cru whose mission is to reach the 5,000 students involved with sororities and fraternities at USC.

Kelsey is the former Chaplain of Alpha Chi Omega at USC, and was involved with Greek Impact as a student leader throughout college. Although John chose not to join a fraternity in college, over the years God has shown him how much these young men desperately need to hear of God’s love and forgiveness. You might ask, “Why is it necessary to have a ministry specifically for sorority women and fraternity men? What about the rest of campus?”… John explained, “There are many college ministries on campus that are targeting freshman, upperclassmen, ethnic groups, and athletes, but no other ministry is going after the 5000 students involved with Greek life, so Cru is stepping in. Greek life is 20% of the USC population that needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.” 

Men and women in sororities and fraternities tend to be highly motivated, both academically and socially, and often hold many key leadership roles on campus. This makes them the perfect audience to reach with the gospel- when a student’s life is changed by the love of God- they will use their leadership platform to share the gospel with their peers. Although these students are highly motivated, they also have a reputation for partying harder than the average college student. Alcohol, sex, drugs, and materialism are the idols that most sorority women and fraternity men worship. These young people are left feeling empty inside, searching for their satisfaction in temporary highs that fade quickly. It is not uncommon for young women to struggle with eating disorders and depression is on the rise with fraternity men. Without a personal relationship with the God that created them, these men and women are struggling to find their identity. They desperately need to hear the good news that God created them for a purpose, that they are deeply loved, and that when they trust in Jesus, they are forgiven.

The good news is that God is at work in the hearts of sorority and fraternity students at USC! There is now a weekly Bible study in every sorority house and the fraternity bible studies are growing as well. John and Kelsey’s main role will be spiritually mentoring the students involved with Greek Impact and teaching them how to share their faith, so that they can share the gospel with their friends. Kelsey excitedly said, “Our mission is that every student would know someone who truly follows Jesus!”

Cru is a non-profit organization and John and Kelsey are currently looking for financial partners to support their ministry, so they can quickly report to their ministry assignment at USC. If you would like to be apart of changing student’s lives please contact john.oneal@cru.org. John and Kelsey “would be thrilled to meet with you to tell you more about Cru and how God is changing hearts at USC”.