Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Italy VS. America- In honor of the 4th!

I've been keeping a mental list of all the things I like/ don't like about living in Italy so in honor of the 4th of July I figured I'd share just how much I love America! Don't get me wrong, Italy is great too...but there are definitely cultural differences between the two. One thing I've learned is just, because it's different doesn't mean it's wrong, it's just different...

Things I like about Italy... 

1. The food. Oh my goodness. America, can we please tear down all of our fast food restaurants and replace them with delicious bakeries, cafes, and gelaterias?! Pleaseeee! 

2. The scenery. The Mediterranean Sea will blow your mind. Not to mention the mountains outside my window.

3. The architecture. Breathtaking. 

4. The culture, more relaxed, less focused on time

5. Everything is closed on Sunday. A real day of rest. 

6. Trains. How convenient! (convenient after you spend two days trying to buy the correct tickets) 

7. L'apertivo- a cocktail and a buffet for about 7 euro! Thats way better than happy hour in the US! 

8. Eating nutella more than once a day is completely acceptable and encouraged. Enough said. 

Things I don't like about Italy... or Why I LOVE and MISS America!

1. The bus. UGGGH. This is coming from a girl who grew up in a town with two stoplights, so I really don't like any bus system, but the Italian buses are especially bad. Everyone is crowded into the bus and it takes forever and its smelly and people are all up in my personal space. 

2. The lack of deoderant. Italians don't always smell very good. 

3. Kissing cheeks as a greeting. This one kind of surprises me because I generally don't mind being touched, but something about rubbing faces with people I just met creeps me out. Hugs and handshakes are much better. 

4. The lack of air conditioning. (I will never complain about summers in Columbia ever again, at least we have AC) 

5. There are no dryers. Stiff clothes are scratchy. 

6. Italians lack of respect for time.

7. Stores close at weird hours.  

8. Acqua Frizzante. Ewww.

9. Sketchy elevators. They generally don't hold more than 4 people. Again, lack of personal space is an issue here. .

As you can see America will always come out on top! So there you have it... the reasons why I'm excited to go back to America and the reasons why I will miss Italy a ton. Well, the main reason I will miss Italy is because of all the wonderful people that I've met here! The Avant Team and my new friends from school have been such a blessing! I can't even begin to tell you how much I am going to miss them. Only 7 days left in Italia! I can't believe it!