Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anticipation, Provision, & Gratitude

In 10 short days (May 29th) I will be headed to Kansas City, Missouri to meet the staff of Avant Ministries and the other intern that will be joining me in Genoa. His name is June (yes, June is a guy and he seems pretty cool) and we'll fly out from Kansas City to Charlotte to Frankfurt to Genoa for a total of 13 hours of flying, not including layovers. I've been talking to Dustin, one of the missionaries that lives there already and he told me I'll be living with a single woman who just joined the Italy Team last month, so that's exciting. 

Honestly, I have no idea what to expect. I know it will be overwhelming and awesome and hard and crazy and good. It still doesn't seem like its actually happening. More than anything I'm just curious. I'm curious what the Lord is going to teach me and how He is going to use me. I'm curious how my heart will be changed by the people of Genoa and how this trip will impact my relationship with Jesus. I'm curious how I will react to the differences and to being away from America for six weeks. It will be an interesting learning experience for sure. 

I am so incredibly in awe of God's faithfulness and provision for me for this internship. He put the desire on my heart, opened the doors to make it possible, and has provided financially to make it a reality. If the Lord has used you to support me financially or through prayer, I just want to tell you how thankful I am. There aren't words to adequately describe how beautiful your generosity is. I love that God chooses to use my brothers and sisters in Christ (some whom I've never even met) to provide for His plans for me. I've seen some of my friends and family give so generously and sacrificially that it could only point back to their deep love for Jesus. It reminds me of John 13:35 when Jesus says, "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another". Thanks for loving Jesus, loving His kingdom, and loving me through your support. I would genuinely love to be praying for you and your family, so please leave a comment or email to let me know if you have a prayer request. 

Here are ways you can continue to pray for me as I'm preparing to leave: 
*That I wouldn't worry about my family at home but that I would enjoy being in Genoa
*That the Lord would teach me about His character 
*That I wouldn't feel apathetic towards God or people 
*That I wouldn't be anxious about anything 
*That I would remember the joy of my salvation
*For my relationships with the other team members and the other intern, June
*For our ministry, that it would be fruitful and multiply 

Thanks for partnering with me in this. It's my joy to be able to serve the Lord with all of you wonderful people. For more info on the Team that I'll be joining you can check out their website at