Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Redeemed Girl Institute Flashback!

I’m sitting on the sundeck of the Alpha Chi house soaking up some springtime rays and can’t help but wish I could be back on the beaches of Destin. Last summer as a part of my internship with Redeemed Girl Ministries I had the chance to attend the first ever Redeemed Girl Institute in Destin, Florida! It was by far the best week of my summer. I made new friends with college aged women from all over the country that share a common love for Jesus. We spent the week diving deep into Scripture with teaching from wise women like Marian Jordan, Leigh Kohler, and Millie Welsh. I’ve got my notebook out, just looking over some notes from the week and I’m in awe at everything that I learned. I think I’m going to take the next week to look over a page of notes each day.   

Each day had three teaching sessions. Two in the morning, beach time in the afternoon, and one at night with a worship session lead by the beautiful, Jourdan Johnson.
The teaching lessons all started with the theme “A Redeemed Girl”….
  • Is an Oak of Righteousness (Isaiah 61)
  • Knows Her Redeemer (We looked at old testament prophecies that Jesus fulfilled about the coming Messiah…. So cool!)
  • Renews Her Mind
  • Is a Christ Like Friend (characteristics of a godly friend)
  • Knows Her New Identity (Who you are is determined by WHOSE you are)
  • Sits at Jesus’ Feet (spending time with God)
  • Honors Her Father and Mother
  • Is Filled with the Spirit
  • Hopes in God
  • Takes Up Her Sword (resisting temptation)
  • Changes Her Wardrobe (be clothed in righteousness)
  • Waits for God’s Best
  • Walks by Faith
  • Leaves a Legacy (how to have an eternal mindset)
  • Shares the Gospel  

Last year I was a condo leader, so I was responsible for leading small group time with the other 10 girls in my condo and it was such a blessing. We were all so diverse in our interests and where we came from but Jesus brought us together. I became especially close to one girl, Hannah, which reminds me I need to give her a call to catch up! I got to watch God do some serious healing in her heart over that week and I watched her find joy and peace in the presence of the Lord. It was a great experience to say the least. I’m not sure what my summer plans are yet but I’m definitely going to make sure that RGI is included in them! I can’t wait to go back and meet new friends and hug some old ones! 

If you’re reading this and want more details on the Redeemed Girl Institute or have  any questions about my experience please just ask! Check out or the RGI Facebook page for more pics! 

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