Tuesday, November 29, 2011

River of Hope

Like the river's rushing water,
my hope flows from You. 
You've always loved Your daughter, 
from Your love, my love grew. 

Thirsty, my soul cried out to You.
Searching, I drank from posion cups.
This perfect joy I never knew,
til' Your water of life filled me up. 

River of hope, You spur on new life. 
my once broken heart was dark as night. 
Now I no longer live in blinding strife, 
Your gift of grace ushered in the Light.

As Your love beckons me deeper, 
my heart responds to Your call.
The rapids seem to get steeper, 
but You carry me through it all.

River of hope, giving purpose, freedom;
rushing water of life in my veins.
Now my passion is Your Kingdom,
You've washed away all of my stains.