Friday, November 11, 2011

The excitement just hit!

The excitement for Girl’s Night Out just hit me!!! It’s been slowly building all week, but tonight its here in full force! I’ve been incredibly focused on all the things I need to get done beforehand, and in the process it’s easy to forget the entire purpose: for young women's lives to be transformed by the love of Jesus.

If you’re reading this and you don’t know what Girl’s Night Out is, let me explain….GNO is the name of the event where author, Marian Jordan, comes to speak on her book, Sex and the City Uncovered (Buy it here.). Sex and the City Uncovered is an incredible book that refutes the lies of the “Sex and the City” lifestyle with truth about finding our fulfillment solely in a relationship with our Creator, God.

Girl’s Night Out will be this coming Wednesday, November 16th at 7:45 and about 500 girls will pack into the Capstone ballroom to hear Marian speak. For the past two months I’ve been planning every detail with the hope that God would use this night to change lives for His glory. This night is near and dear to my heart, because two years ago God used this very same event to change me from the inside out. I remember sitting in the Capstone ballroom... I don’t even know how I got there. I think my roommate and I decided to come on a whim because it was at the bottom of our dorm. So I went and was blown away by how this woman knew everything I was thinking and feeling about life. She knew my emptiness and she seemed to know the answer as well. I won the raffle for a Tsunami gift card that night and was super excited because I never win anything. After the event I read Sex and the City Uncovered from front to back in less than two days. I remember thinking about Marian’s prayer where she asks God to change her heart to love Him. I don’t know what my own prayer was exactly but I do remember thinking, “Lord I’ve tried everything else and I’m still not satisfied… I guess I’ll try it your way.”

I guess that’s all He needed to hear. Just give God an open invite to your heart and I promise you He will completely transform you. That’s why I’m excited! Right now at this very moment there are young women all over this campus who are hurting, broken, searching, dissatisfied, bitter, angry, depressed, hopeless. You name it. They need to know Jesus. And little do they know that on Wednesday night their entire LIVES will change. Their eternity is about to change because on Nov. 16th they will surrender their lives to Jesus. The girls who are searching will recognize that they have finally found what they are looking for. The ones who are hopeless will have found unfailing hope! The ones who believe they are unlovable will finally realize that they are deeply loved by the One who created them.

In 6 short days lives will be transformed. It’s not a matter of if, but when and who. God is faithful. He is ultimately in charge of this event, not me. He is ultimately the one speaking to these girl’s hearts, not Marian. He’s got this. I’m ready to see Him do work! I can't wait to see young women come from death to new LIFE in Jesus!

Please, join me in praying for this Girls Night Out!